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3-Sausage and Corn Soup
5-Stuffed Butternut Squash
7-Chicken and Dressing
9-Wild Rice Casserole
10-Kraut & Pork
10.2-Pork & Kraut
11-Creamy Ham and Broccoli
12-Apple Pudding Cake
13.1-Bread Pudding
15-Hamburger Beans
21-Beef Taco Bake
22.2-Tofu and Spinach Manicotti
24.1-Tortilla Soup
27-Lentil Soup
28-Sweet and Sour Glazed Chicken
29-Cornish Game Hens
30-Crockpot Pheasant
31-Low-fat Lemon Pepper Chicken
34-BBQ Country Ribs
35-Chinese Country Ribs
36-Quick 'n Easy Chinese-Style Country Ribs
37-Three Alarm Chicken Wings
38-Beef and Bacon Delights
39-Chili Party Dip
40-Stuffed Grape Leaves
42-Spanish Meatloaf
43-Cabbage Crown
46-Spicy Beef Tongue and Potatoes
47-California Hoppin' John (vegetarian)
48-Pasta with Lentils and Chard (vegetarian)
52-Spiced Beef Tongue
54.1-Ham and Navy Bean Soup
55-Turkey Ham
56-Beef Stifado
57-Chinese Beef and Vegetable Soup
58-Pork chop and Vegetable Supper
59-Candied Bananas

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