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4.1-Pork Tenderloins
4.1.1-Creamy Boneless Pork Chops
4.2-Saurkraut, Pork and Noodles
5.6-Beef Stroganoff
7-Chicken and Dumplings
8-Beef Burgandy
10.1-Scalloped Potatoes
13.Chicken and Rice
14-Easy Cheesy Crockpot Chicken
14.1-Crockpot Quail
16-Crockpot Fajita Chicken
17.Potato-Corn Scalloped Stuff
20-Crockpot Roast
22-Tijuana Pie
24-3 Soup Bean Sauce
27-Sloppy Joes
28.1-Spaghetti Sauce
28.1-Swiss Steak
28.1-Jeanne's Swiss Steak
33-Chocolate Brownie Pudding Cake
34.1-Chili Verde
34.2-Another Chili Verde
35-Rustic Potatoes Au Gratin
36.1- Two Potato Soups
37-BBQ Chicken, Pork or Ribs
38-Green Beans
38-Venison Roast
39.2-Turkey Breast
41-Spoon Peaches
42-Harvest Drums
45-Steak and Potato Soup
46-Chicken Risotto
49-Baked Chicken
50-Chicken Chow Mein
51-Chop Suey Ground Beef Supper
52-Wild Rice Vegetable Bake
53-Pizza in a Pot
54.1-Oriental Chicken Wings
54.1.1-Marinated Chicken Wings

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