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2.4-Easy Rump Roast
7.2-Crockpot Rueben Casserole
7.3-Reuben Dip
8.1-Classic Beef Barley Soup
9-Mom's Meatballs
10-Pineapple Baked Beans & Beef
11-Cider Stew
12-Apple Harvest Pudding
13-Barley Soup (Quick 'n Easy)
14.1-Crockpot Burritos
19.1-Beef Bourguignon
20-Country Ribs with Apples and Sauerkraut
24.1-Sweet and Sour Pork
25.1-Pork Chops and Potatoes in Mustard Sauce
26-Crockpot Sausages
27-Glazed Corn Beef with Redcurrant Sauce
32.1-BBQ Crockpot Pork
32.2-Judy's Pork Whatever
32.3-Pepper Steak
32.4-Cheesy Italina Tortellini
37-Bean Dish
38-Football Stew
39-French Onion Beef
43-Pumpkin Butter
44-Peach or Apricot Butter
48-Stuffed Peppers
49-Lamb Shank Stew
50-Fig-apricot Nut Brread
51.2-Apple Butter
54.1-Chicken in a Pot
59-"Stewed" Pears

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