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2-Hawaiian Sausage Combo
3-Beef-Ham Loaf
4-Chicken Wings in BBQ Sauce>br> 8.2-Roast Sticky Chicken
9-Pumpkin Apple Dessert
12-Spicy Rice Casserole
13-Mexican Fondue
14-Chicken and Bean Stew
18-Pickled Shrimp
19-Creole Steak Strips
20-Daydreamers Chicken Mushroom Stew
21-Crockpot Carnitas
29-Stuffed Peppers
30-Struesal Pound Cake
31-Thai Style Pork Stew
32-Herbed Beef and Tomatoes
38.6-Creamy Venison
42-Italian Sausage
43-Dutch Oven Dinner (not crockpot)
46-Pasta e Fagioli
47-Turkey Zucchini Soup
48-Fall Lamb and Vegetable Stew
49-Spiced Apple Juice
55-Crockpot Chicken Fettucine
63-Easy Beef Bourguignon

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