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3-Poached Salmon
4-Savory Herb Chicken
4.2-BBQ Rast Chicken
4.2.1-Creamy Roast Chicken or Pork
8-Savory Chicken and Vegetables
9.1-Beef Stroganoff
9.2-Easy Stroganoff
10.1-Tomato Juice Cocktail
12-Stewed Tomatoes
13-Spicy Spaghetti Sauce
13-Meaty Spaghetti Sauce
18-Islander Pork
18.1-Fruity Caribbean Chops
21-Island Beef
22.1-Swedish Cabbage Rolls
26.2-Stuffed Turkey Roast
26.2.2-Easy Turkey Breast
27.1-Beef Stew
30-Irish Lamb Stew
30-Meat Loaf
31-Sweet and Sour Ribs
32.1-Easy Chicken Legs
35-Italian Beast
36.1-Applesauce Apple Butter
44.Elephant Stew
46.1-Maple Butter
47-Crockpot Cereal
48.1-Peach Butter
50-Simple Crockpot Meal
51-BBQ Pork
53-Kraut & Sausage
53.1-Kraut & Sausage-update
55-Special BBQ Chicken
56.1-Blueberry Grunt
57.1-Traditional Meat Loaf
58.1-Quick Fix Chicken
60-Shortcut Salsa Chicken
61-No Mess BBQ Pork Chops
63-Easy Chicken Tacos

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