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3-Minestrone Hamburg Soup
5-Slow Simmered Kidney Beans
6-French Onion Soup
13.1-Turkey Breast
15.1.1-Gone All Day Pork Chops
16-Crockpot Steak
18-Cola Chicken
19-Crockpot Turkey Breast
20-Crockpot Reubens
21-Indian Split Pea Soup
22-Whiskey Sausage (Quick 'n Easy)
24-Dilled Pot Roast
27.1-Homestead Ham Loaf
30-Blueberry Grunt
40.1-Super Easy Chicken and Rice
45.1-Basic Crockpot Pot Roast
49-Sausage in Beer-Mustard Sauce
50-Chicken and Broccoli (Quick 'n Easy)
51-Creole Steak Strips
52-Paella in a Pot
53-Hungarian Fish

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