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2.1-Flank Steak Pot Roast
3-Beer Cheese Soup
4-Gingered Pineapple Chicken
5-Marmalade Curried Chicken
6-Chicken Spaghetti
7-Sour Cream Chili Bake
9.1-Caldo de Pollo
9.2-Russian Chicken
10.1-Herbed Chicken and Veggies
11-Five Spice Chicken
14-BBQ Ribs
15- Amber Ribs
17-Chicken with White Wine
18.1-Stewed Rhubarb
21-Tomato-Sauced Spareribs
22-El Paso Ham
27.2-Taco Salad (not crockpot)
27.2.1-Taco Salad (not crockpot)
28.1-Eastern Beef and Eggplant
35-Italian Beef
36.1-Super Simple Black-Eyed Peas
41-crokpotcrackpots' Pepper Steak
42-Easy Ribs
44-Quick 'n Easy Cherry Cobbler
45-Turkey and Corn Casserole
48-Scalloped Summer Squash
49-Slow Cooked Hungarian Stew
50-Rustic Chicken

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