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1.1-Bonnie's Famous Meatballs
2.1-Pinto Beans and Ham
4-Layered Enchilada Casserole
5.2-Dan's Favorite Chicken
9-Veal Pot Roast
10-Orange Glazed Chicken
11-Fiesta Rice and Sausage
18-Sausage and Potatoes
21-Guide for Cooking Fish in the Crockpot
29-Stuffed Fish
30-Upside Down Chocolate Pudding Cake
31-Fiesta Black Bean Soup
32.1-Chicken in a Crock
33-Citrus Fish
34-Stuffed Breast of Veal
35-Hot Fudge Cake
36-Crockpot Lemon Chicken
44.1-Corn Chowder
50-Svaory Cheese Soup
51-Pineapple Chicken and Sweet Potatoes
52-Curried Beef Stew
53-Chicken and Mushrooms

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