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3-Corn Stuffed Onions
4-Memphis Pork Supper
5-Chicken and Green Onion Curry
7.5-Spaghetti Sauce
7.4-Jayne's Crock Pot Spaghetti Sauce
7.3-Meaty Spaghetti
15-Beef Burgandy
21.3-Crockpot Beans
23.3-Cabbage and Beef Soup
23.2-Bean and Sausage Soup
25-Crockpot Turkey
26-Sherry Beef
28-Ginger Bean Bake
29-Fruited Turkey Roast
30-Layered Vegetarian Dinner
31-Lazy Crockpot Curry
32-Crockpot Pork Chops
35-Easy Barbecue
36.2-Pork Chops
37-Taco Soup
38-15 Bean Soup
40-Orange Pumpkin Custard
41-Beef Chowder
42-Shaker Style Creamed Onions
45-Caribbean Pork Chops
47-Lemon-Herb Turkey Roast
48-Low-Fat Herbed Turkey & Wild Rice Casserole
49-Fat-Free Tomato Soup
50-Hoisin Chicken
53.3-Spectacular Pot Roast
56.1-Beef Stew (no tomatoes)
59-Curried Beef Stew

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