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2-Saucy Chicken and Ham
3-Chicken Oahu
4-Red Raisin Cornish Hens
5-Best Ever Apple Brown Betty
6-Corn Chowder
7-Breakfast Casserole
10-Chicken Cacciatore
23-Coffee Pot Roast
22-Beef in Walnut Sauce (Lagado)
23-South Pacific Pork Roast
27.1-Chicken and Rice
43-Winter Root and Vegetable Casserole
44-Cabbage Roll Soup
45-Cherry Pork Chops
47-Chuck Roast
54-Cantonese Sweet and Sour Chicken
55-Sun-Dried Tomato Meat Loaf
56-Mexican Style Pizza
57.1-Lemon Pepper Chicken
59.1-Wedding Soup (meatballs and spinach)

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