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5-Thai Chicken Soup
6-Vegetable & Pasta Soup
7-Borsch Style Stew
10.1-Easy Roast
11.-Cola Ribs
12.1-Tri-Tip Roast
13-Salmon Loaf
14-Apple-Raisin Topped Ham
15-Brown and White Rice
18.1-Pineapple and Bacon Stuffing in a Parika Chooky
20-Lima Meatball Casserole
21-Spicy Cider Corned Beef
22-Corned Beef in Beer
29.2-Soak, Cook, Serve Bean Soup
29.1.1-Full of Beans Soup
33-Mexican Pot Roast
35.1-Ham and Coke
41.1-Veal Marsala
42.1-Polynesian Veal
43.1-Chicken in a Pot
44-Indian Pudding
45-Fish Fillets Florentine
46-Lamb Stuffed Grape Leaves
48.2-Vegetable Soup
48.-Beef Bourguignone
51.1-Spicy Ginger and Tomato Chicken

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