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3-Italian Zucchini
4-Beef and Mushrooms
5-Beef with Ravioli Dumplings
6.1-Country Style Steak
8-Split Pea Soup
10-Coq au Vin
12-Potato Trash
14.1-Chicken Tetrazini
17-Macaroni and Cheese
18.1-Chicken Noodle Soup
19.3-Broccoli Casserole
21-Easy Chicken
24-Red Clam Sauce for Spaghetti
25-Philadelphia Pepper Pot Soup
27.4-Easy Chili
33.1-Chicken Cacciatore
34-Crockpot Chili
35-Barbecued Spareribs
36-Crockpot Goose
37.1.2-Roast Sticky Chicken
41-Broasted New Potatoes
42-Orange Chutney Steak
43-Peanut Butter Loaf
44-Steamed Chicken (for rice steamer)
45-Brisket with Gravy
47-Bratwurst Noodle Combo
50-Beer Braised Rabbit (or chicken)
51-Herbed Zucchini
52-Veal and Peppers
53-Chinese Steamed Chicken in Tangy Sauce (for rice steamer)

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