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3-Apple Cobbler
5.1-Ham and Cabbage
10-Maple Stewed Apples
11-Breakfast Prunes
12-Peaches in Bourbon
13-Camp-Out Chili Dogs
14-Vegetable Pasta
15-Chicken Fettucinni
18.2-Easy BBQ Ribs
18.1-Chinese Ribs
20.1-Ham and Split Pea Soup
24-Sweet and sour Meatballs over Rice
28-Creamy Bean Soup
29-Beef Gumbo
30-Cider Stew
31.3-Easy BBQ Chicken
32.1-Stuffed Peppers
34-Chicken and Rice
35.1-Chicken Noodle Soup
37.2=Easy Italina Chicken Breasts
37.1-Simple Chicken and Veggies
40-Easy Swiss Steak
42.2-Heavenly Ham
43.4-Cabbage Rolls
43.3-Ukranian Cabbage Rolls
43.1-Cabbage Crown
47.1-Boiled Peanuts
48.1-Venison Roast
48.1-Tangy Rump Roast
49-Honey BBQ Chicken and Vegetables
50-Pork Chops and Stew
51-Italian Ravioli Stew
52.3-Chicken in Orange Sauce with Cashews
52.2-Chicken and Dumplings
52.1-Moroccan Chicken & Lentils
53-Beef Stroganoff
54-Corned Beef and Cabbage
56-Beef and Gravy
57-Macaroni and Cheese
60.1-Almost Marie Callender Potato Cheese Soup

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