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3-Chicken Cacciatore
4.1-Garlic Chicken
5.1-Maple-Mustard Sauce Turkey Thighs
6.1-Simple Swiss Steak
6.2-Favourite Pot Roast
6.3-Delicious Roast
6.4-Yummy Stuff Soup
6.5-Yo' Momma's Pot Roast
6.7-Sauerkraut & Polish Sausage
9-Peking Pork Chops (or chicken)
11.1-Easy Pea Soup
19-Devilled Steak Cubes
20-Picante Lentil Sauce
21-Lowfat Rice for Crockette
23-Burgandy Chicken with New Potatoes and Corn
28.1-Triple Chocolate Mess
29.1-Lentil Soup
32-Hungry Man Ribs in Dutch Oven
35-Easy Spaghetti
37-Chop Suey
39.1-Roast Sticky Chicken
43-Asparagus Casserole
44-Dilly Beef Sandwiches
45-Chicken Deli Casserole
47.1-Macaroni & Cheese
49-Cocktail Weenies with Zip
50.1-Pinto Beans and Ham
51.1-Coca Cola Chicken
51.2-Garlic Roasted Chicken
51.3-BBQ Chicken
54.1-Chinese Relish
51.4-Chinese Braised Chicken
54-Chicken & Tomatillas
56.1-Baked Apples
57-Lowfat Hamburg Casserole
58-Chili Loaf
59-Brown Rice and Chicken
61.2-Easy Chili (not crockpot)
61.3-Good Chili
62.1-Pork and Apples
67-Sweet and Spicy Chicken

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