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1.1-Sloppy Joes
4.1-Veggie Soup
4.1-Vegetable Beef Soup
7.1-Cheese Fondue
8.2-Tapioca Pudding
10.1-Peking Pork Chops
10.2-Fall Apart Pork Roast
10.3-Pork Loin Roast
11.3-Grape/Chili Meatballs
19-Chocolate Pudding Cake
25.1-Duckling with Orange Sauce
25.2-Roasted Duck
28-"Baked" Potatoes
34-Chicken Ole
35-Chicken and Rice
36-Swiss Onion & Chicken
37-Sorta Beef Stew
38-Sparkling Apple Juice
42.3-Sante Fe Chicken
46.1-Split Pea Soup with Hambone
55-Potato Side Dish
60-Quick 'n Easy Enchiladas

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